Coils are dipped in rust preventive oil & packed in plastic & Hessian or in HDPE as per the customer's requirement. Bars are also coated with light rust preventive oil & packed in Plastic / Hessian / HDPE or wooden crates as per the customer's requirement

The scale originated upon in hot rolling is removed from the wire rod by the process of pickling (i.e. The metal is dipped in pre-determined chemical baths, depending upon the type of steel), which are kind to the surface, then washed & coated with Zinc Phosphate/Borax or lime as per customer's requirement.

  • 1. For sizes less than 4.00 mm dia –
    • Inner Diameter 60 mm
    • Bundle weight app.150 to 250 kgs per bdl
  • 2. For sizes greater than 4.00 mm to 22.00 mm dia –
    • Inner Diameter 852 mm to 900 mm
    • Bundle weight app. 200 to 1000 kgs per bdl