52100 Round Bar

52100 round bar - A Bearing Steel

52100 round bar is also known as bearing steel. The chemistry of 52100 round bar is a high carbon, chromium containing one. It belongs to a low alloy steel category and is put to use as bearings because of the good hardness properties.The most benefited of the 52100 round bar is the airline industry, where this alloy is utilised to manufacture bearings and other highly stressed parts. Supreme Engineering Limited among many well known 52100 round bar suppliers and 52100 round bar manufacturers.

It is also known to be a cost-effective solution with an extended working life and can be used in applications where the operation is at temperatures up to 120°C constantly. In the hardened condition, the high hardness, high strength and high cleanliness provides the steel with the right properties to bear the brunt of high cycle, high stress fatigue.

Features of 52100 round bar:

  • High carbon chrome alloy steel.
  • Long working life.
  • Top-notch hardness at room temperature.
  • Operates constantly at high temperatures.


  • 52100.
  • EN31 and 100Cr6.

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