Inconel 600 Round Bar

Inconel 600 round bar - Highly Resistant Bar

Inconel 600 round bar is also known as alloy 600, and incorporates three basic alloying elements: nickel, iron and chromium. Inconel 600 alloy round bar improves the alloy's resistance to corrosion against organic and inorganic compounds. Nickel also makes the round bar immune to chloride ion stress related corrosion cracking. When chromium supplements the Alloy 600 Inconel polished bar, it helps strengthen the alloy's resistance. Inconel 600 round bar suppliers and Inconel 600 round bar manufacturers like Supreme Engineering Limited can be contacted for further details.

These bars also have good oxidation resistance property at soaring temperatures. It also boasts of great resistance ability in chloride containing environments. They are used in cryogenic to increased temperatures. It also has a high composition of nickel content that allows it to retain a decent resistance ability in reducing conditions. It also offers good resistance to alkaline solutions.

Features of Inconel 600 round bar:

  • Excellent surface stability.
  • Resistant to oxidation and corrosion.
  • Good creep resistance at soaring temperatures and good mechanical strength.
  • These alloys are sold under trade name specifications.


  • AMS 5540
  • ASTM B564

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