Inconel 718 Round Bar

Inconel 718 round bar - Non Magnetic Alloy

Inconel 718 round bar is a nickel-chromium alloy that includes additional amounts of molybdenum, clumbium, iron along with smaller amounts of titanium and aluminium. It has been produced to manifest considerable yields, good ductility and high strength. These attributes provide Inconel 718 with good weldability and formability. This particular alloy is also not magnetic and is used in applications like high-temperature bolts and jet engines. This type of alloy is sold by Inconel 718 round bar suppliers and Inconel 718 round bar manufacturers.

These round bars manifest extremely tensile, creep-rupture and high yield characteristics at high temperatures. Inconel alloy 718 round bars are utilised in the realm of gas turbine and cryogenic storage tank components, nuclear fuel element spacers, thrust reversers, rocket motors, pump bodies and parts and hot extrusion tooling. These bars are available is various diameters and sizes.

Features of Inconel 718 round bar:

  • Top-notch oxidation resistance
  • Good weldability and formability
  • Great ability to prevent oxidation
  • Good cryogenics properties


The various forms of Inconel 718 round bar are covered by the following standards:

  • AMS 5662 and AMS 5663.
  • ASTM B637 and API 6A.

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