Inconel 718

Inconel 718 - Outstanding Resistance

Inconel 718 sheets are nothing but nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloys produced to prevent a varied range of intensely corrosive environments, crevice corrosion and pitting. The type of nickel alloy also manifests very high tensile, yield and creep-rupture effects at soaring temperature. It also provides exceptional corrosion resistance and is easy to work with when it comes to fabrication. Supreme Engineering Limited are among the best Inconel 718 suppliers and Inconil 718 manufacturers in India.

The alloy's welding features are great, particularly its resistance to post-weld cracking. The alloy can be fabricated with ease and very economically, with a combination of good tensile, creep, fatigue and rupture strength and have resulted in its use in various applications. It is used in applications like rings, liquid fueled rockets, casings and aircraft and land-based gas turbine engines.

Features of Inconel 718:

  • Exceptional relaxation resistance.
  • The best possible tensile, fatigue, creep, and rupture strength.
  • High oxidation resistance up to 980°C.
  • Can also be forged into complex parts.


  • AMS 5662 and AMS 5663.
  • ASTM B637 and API 6A.


Applicable Standards ASTM B637, AMS 5662, AMS 5663, AMS 5664, PWA 1009, PWA 1010, GE B50TF15
Carbon % 0.08 Max
Silicon % 0.35 Max
Manganese % 0.35 Max
Sulphur % 0.015 Max.
Chromium % 17-21
Molybdenum % 2.8-3.3
Copper % 0.30 Max
Nickel % 50-55
Tungsten % -
Hardness (BHN) 331 BHN
Density 8.19
U.T.S.(N/MM2) 1275 Mpa
Yeild Strength(Mpa) 1034 Mpa
Elongation 12%
Reduction Area 15%
Impact (Room Temperature)  
Impact (0◦ C)  
Impact (- __◦ C)  

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