Bright Bars 21mm to 150mm

Bright Bars 21mm to 150mm

Two Bar Heat treatment furnaces of 6.50 mtr and 7.00 mtr. lengths respectively, having batch quantity of 10 tons and 5 tons each. It is highly suitable for Heat treatment of Martensitic grades of Stainless Steels such as AISI-410, 420, 431, 430 (F) as well as Spheriodise Annealing of Ball Bearing Steels and other Alloy Steels, and with Air Quenching arrangement.

To provide Crack free and defect free steel to the Auto and other engineering industries we have installed a High Speed Bar Peeler, and has further processing facilities like Centreless Grinding, Bar Polishing and other finishing equipment for high dimensional accuracy and enhanced surface quality.

  • One High-speed bar peeler (Kieserling, Germany make) WDH 50 Machine, Finished size ranges 12.00 mm to 50.00 dia.
  • Bar peeler (James Farma – Norton make) with Double Cutter Head and Burnishing rollers Model CBT3 for the range of 35.00 mm to 75.00 mm dia.
  • Heavy duty Grinding machine for grinding of Bars and tubes in the size range of 6.00 mm to 60.00 mm length upto 6 mtrs. (4 Nos.) (Hartex & Schriviner make).
  • Two Roll Bar Straightening Machine suitable for accurate straightness and good surface finish for Pre-Peeling and Post-Peeling (3 nos.).
  • Big Wood – (UK) – make, 2 roll straightening machine for Straightening and Polishing in the range of 30.00 mm to 90.00 mm dia.
  • 2 Turnomat machines for 10.00 mm to 25.00 mm dia and 16.00 mm to 60.00 mm dia range.

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