Monel K500 Round Bar

Monel K500 round bar - An Age-Hardenable Alloy

Monel K500 round bar is a nickel-copper alloy which consists of age-hardening properties circulated by alloying supplements of titanium and aluminium. The basic composition is like that of Monel 400, but with the added alloying, it makes it age-hardenable under managed time and temperature. It can be delivered in age-hardened, hot finished and annealed conditions. Monel K500 round bar suppliers and Monel K500 round bar manufacturers like Supreme Engineering Limited ensure durability.

These Monel K500 round bars have excellent mechanical properties from average to soaring temperatures. It even has good mechanical properties at both room and elevated temperatures. One of the prime advantages is aiding resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion containing molybdenum content. They are provided in customised shapes, sizes and designs.

Features of Monel K500 round bar:

  • Excellent fatigue and corrosion fatigue resistance.
  • Higher mechanical properties than Nickel-copper Monel 400.
  • High tensile properties.
  • Low permeability.


The various forms of Monel K500 round bar are covered by the following standards:

  • 2.4375
  • ASTM B865 and AMS 4676.

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