Nimonic 80A Round Bar

Nimonic 80a round bar - A Durable Alloy

Nimonic 80a round bar is a nickel-chromium alloy, but is supplemented by aluminium and titanium, which in turn makes precipitation hardenable. Nimonic 80a rods boast of exceptional corrosion and oxidation resistance, along with high tensile properties at soaring temperatures. Nimonic alloy 80a rods are used for various applications like rings, discs, blades, bolts and exhaust valves in internal combustion engines. There is a significant demand for Nimonic 80a round bar suppliers and Nimonic 80a round bar manufacturers.

These round bars are generally used as a connector between the pipes at the middle. They are also utilised as a plug-in to resist pressure in pressure valves. Nimonic 80a round bars are hugely popular among large scale industries. These round bars are also known for their durable, leak-proof property. It is also used in applications like tube supports in nuclear generators and other marine and electrical purposes.

Features of Nimonic 80a round bar:

  • Excellent durability.
  • Very ductile.
  • Remains steady at soaring temperatures.
  • Exceptional tensile strength.


The various forms of Nimonic 80a round bar are covered by the following standards:

  • ASTM B637.
  • AMS 5766 and 2.4952.

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