S2 Alloy Steel

S2 alloy steel - A Shock-Resisting Tool

S2 alloy steel is a shock-resisting tool steel type. It retains good ductility even in hardened condition, which allows it to perform in applications where shock impact is transmitted to the alloy. Shock-resisting tool steels like this are designated as group S steels. These steels include S1, S2, S5, S6 and S7 types. The hardenability of these steels can be controlled by varying their composition. S2 alloy steel suppliers and S2 alloy steel manufacturers are not difficult to find.

These steels can obtain maximum hardness at higher austenitizing temperatures. The tempering resistance of group S steels can be improved by the addition of silicon, that also forms a micro-structure to resist distortion in tempered conditions. It is used for applications like hammers, chisels etc.

Features of S2 alloy steel:

  • This alloy is readily machinable by standard means.
  • In an annealed state, the alloy is formed by conventional methods.
  • The alloy may be welded by standard methods.
  • The alloy can be cold worked in the annealed condition.


The various forms of S2 alloy steel are covered by the following standards:

  • AISI S2.

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